Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paper flowers for my wedding

So It has been an incredibly busy summer and fall. Now It seems I have gotten myself into something that will take up even more of my time. I am getting ahead of myself though. Let me first tell you about my summer. I decided to do all my own paper flowers for my wedding. Whew, talk about biting off more then i could chew..... it was tough.

I have never been afraid of tedious work, sometimes i even seek it out. So when I decided I wanted paper flowers, I also decided I could do it myself. I bought a couple bottles to try out, but my sister had a BRILLIANT idea. She said we should use old vintage bottles so all the arrangements had a uniqueness to them. My cousin Angie said she knew exactly where to get them, and told us about discovering a personal "dump" her grandmother used behind her house. So, on a cool rainy day, we trekked up a hill and dug around for treasure, and did we ever find treasures. Bottles dating back easily 50 years. We found old Pepsi bottles and Donald Duck soda bottles. Who knew there was a Donald Duck soda? Certainly not me. I have to say her idea was a good one, and the arrangements came out just as i pictured.

I also decided to make all the bouquets, the flower girl basket an 2 pomanders for the older flower girls. I almost forgot the boutonnieres for the parents, but I got it all done Of course by myself turned into with my friends and family, and I greatly appreciate all the help I got. There was a paper gluing session that turned into a speed contest and I even had a paper flower social, where I taught several of my family to make the flowers as they helped me. My sister was a huge help, and when my cousin Julie flew in from New Mexico, she went right to work painting all the dogwood. My cousin Serena however, went above and beyond. She spent hours and hours the nights before the wedding helping me finish. She was bound and determined, and every time I thought I would pass out from exhaustion, she would say something like "Wow, it's only 2 am, we have a few more hours to work!" She was essential, crazy, funny and essential, busted knee and all. And just because I am Jessica, I decided to make head wreaths for all 3 flower girls and myself. I should note here, my mom made the flower girl dresses, which were beautiful, my sister made and I made the jewelry for the bridesmaids, and my cousin Angie made an outstanding 4 tier wedding cake covered with dogwood flowers.

most of the flowers

It was a lot of work, and I am not sure who noticed the flowers at the wedding and who didn't, but I wouldn't change a thing. I have so many good memories and stronger relationships because of my shenanigans. We made it through and created one beautiful day.

all dressed up

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