Friday, June 26, 2009

Double Curves

I love a creative challenge. So when the crafting chain on facebook finally made it's way into my circle of friends, I wanted in. The basic concept was the first 5 people who responded to a friends note, would get something made by them. Of course you in return had to post your own note and make something for the first 5 people who responded to yours. I decided to make it a challenge and come up with something new.

I sort of stare into space, and become despondent when I am creating. I "design" in my head, not always, but occasionally. My fiance` looks at me strange, and I say "What? I'm designing." He knows now just to accept it and leave me be. I knew I wanted to draw them a pendant. How? Well, that's why I was designing in my head. I was trying to not only picture it, but figure out how to make it functional.

I wanted to do a pendant with floral designs called "double curves", then add beads somehow. The only way I could think of to get the detail, was to actually draw the design out on paper. I added a leather back and beaded around the edge. I have to say, they came out even better then how they looked in my head. I love when that happens.

Now let me tell you a little about double curves. Double curves are Eastern woodland designs typically found in bead work . Today you can find them on leather, drums, clothing, baskets, pottery, jewelry, and of course on various beaded work. If you go to a pow wow hear in the North East you are sure to come across them at some point. When I was a kid (and even now) my mom used them on the breach cloths of her scale cornhusk dolls. Back then, I didn't realize they had a name or a meaning.

The basic design symbolizes balance, give and take, teaching and learning, There is a center point, at which a flower usually grows, and it branches to the left, and it branches the same way to the right.
The left side is the female side, which is for giving, teaching and nurturing. The right side is the male side, for the strength to take in and learning.

I began using double curves on my pottery. I made some plates and put the inricate double curves on them, but I always wondered what they would look like in color. The first ones I did were in pastels, but I couldn't quite get the detail I wanted, so I started doing them on black paper, with color pencils.

This drawing is mostly in blue, which would symbolize an awareness for a deeper meaning in life, and the flowers are red which stands for energy, and a love for earth and people.

I often wonder if all cultures have a symbol for balance. Native Americans have several, double curves, the medicine wheel, butterflies. Probably the most recognized symbols among the Iroquois people, are the Twins. They are the symbols of good and evil. But, that's a very basic kind of balance. I prefer the positive message of the double curves, a reminder of how we need to be nurturing, and strong at the same time.

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  1. What beautiful work! You are very talented!