Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sky Woman Fell

Every culture has a creation story. The Iroquois people believe the first person on this earth was a woman who fell from the "Sky World" we call Sky Woman. Here is the first part of the creation story in a poem I wrote:

Sky-Woman fell from the sky.
Faster and faster descending,
belly full with child,
she fell.

Birds gathered
with outstretched wings
and caught Sky-Woman,
she who brought the world to life.

Turtle lifted his giant head
from the stillness
of the deep-blue water encompassed globe
and offered his strong shell to house a new world.

Muskrat selflessly dove
into the deepest darkest depths of the ocean
and scraped the very bottom
with the tippy tip of his tiny claw,
giving his life for creation.

The other animals placed the speck on Turtle’s back.

Sky-Woman danced in a circle.
Larger and larger the land grew.
Creating the Earth,
she danced.

"Copyright 2005 by Jessica Wyant"


  1. Thank you for this great site. I am of Mohawk
    heritage, but, I have no "papers" to prove otherwise, it was handed down verbally by my great grandfather.... Thanks I will be checking in for gift items and the Holiday's!

    Thanks again!